Tyran Grillo

Between Sound and Space

An ECM Records Primer

Rey Naranjo Editores

Just as a cathedral affects body and mind differently than a seaside villa, listening corresponds and reacts to its environment.

Although bound by time, listening is multidimensional. It’s a historical act of disclosure and concealment in equal measure. In being listened to, music sheds its layers, promising liberation; crowns its champions privately and without fanfare. To listen is to approach the self, only to realize there is more self to seek.


In this deeply personal yet relatable book, a first of its kind, scholar and music journalist Tyran Grillo draws from his wealth of musical knowledge to expound the virtues of 100 albums from the influential ECM Records catalog that every listener should know about. Although designed as a journey through the label’s 50-year history, Between Sound and Space is sure to reward even the most avid ECM fans with new discoveries. The author offers it as an open-ended statement, a doorway into an unparalleled world of composition, improvisation, and everything in between.

Book Cover

Publisher: Rey Naranjo Editores
Size: 165x235mm
Pages: 228
Publication: 2019
Binding: Paperback